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Argon Audio SA1 Amplifier with Bluetooth
Amplifier with Bluetooth
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Need an amplifier that’ll light up even the best speakers you decide to connect it with? Does your system need to Bluetooth connectivity? No problem. Explore our range of amplifiers.


The amplifier is one of the most important components in a sound system with traditional passive speakers. An amplifier is used to transfer and amplify the sound from your media out to a pair of passive speakers. It amplifies the very weak signals from your phone, computer or turntable into a powerful signal that can drive regular passive speakers and fill the room with music. The power is measured in Watts (W) and shown in different speaker loads measured in Ohms.

Our Argon Audio SA1 amplifier is packed with high-quality components. It's a 2 x 40 watt Class-D amplifier in a compact design that’ll fire up even the best speakers you decide to connect it with. Class D amplifiers are built differently compared to Class A and AB amplifiers. One of their characteristics is that they are very efficient and use most of the energy to amplify the music - which is why they often are in a compact form factor, as they don't need the same amount of cooling. We have taken advantage of this in the compact and elegant design of our SA1 amplifier.

Our amplifiers have turntable input built-in, so if you have a turntable, you can plug it directly into the amp - without having to use an external RIAA amplifier.  

In addition to digital inputs, the Argon Audio SA1 also supports high-end Bluetooth aptX HD and AAC, for the best possible audio quality when streaming wirelessly.