Amplifiers & Streaming

Amplifiers & Streaming

Music streamer
SOLO is an easy to use network streamer built with audiophile components. Upgrade any amplifier or active speaker to a true power house of streaming.
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Need an amplifier that can power even heavier speakers? Or are you looking to upgrade your current sound system with the latest streaming features? We have everything from simple DAB+ tuners to music streamers built with the best audiophile components. Bluetooth connectivity? No problem. Check out our range of amplifiers and streamers.


The amplifier is one of the most important components in a sound system with traditional passive speakers. An amplifier is used to transfer and amplify the sound from your media out to a pair of passive speakers. Explore our selection amplifiers read more here. 


A streamer or music streamer is an adapter that can receive and transmit a digital signal. All our streamers are designed to be easy to use. You simply connect it to your existing system – no matter if it’s an amplifier or active speakers. Read more about streaming and explore our products here