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Proper hi-fi speakers!

How about spreading a bit of Christmas cheer by adding some musical spice to the holiday season? Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? We promise that you never go wrong with great sound!


If you’re going to torture your family with the same ten Christmas songs every year, at least make sure the sound quality is great. Our wireless hi-fi speakers sound like a lot more than what you pay for, they’re ridiculously easy to use, and, oh, they look awesome.  Pair your Bluetooth device directly to the speakers and you are ready to go!


Investing in a record player really is investing in your music experiences. Pair it up with an SA1 amplifier and a pair of passive speakers. Do you prefer digital streaming? Upgrade any amplifier to a true powerhouse of streaming with SOLO.

Musical spice for everyday life

Easy access to a world of exciting radio, music and news. Throw one of our DAB radios on the kitchen counter to add musical spice to your cooking or enjoy the morning music with a portable Bluetooth speaker or a pair of headphones.